Welcome to the new!

I am so pleased to announce the overhaul of  This has been a passion project for almost a year, as I took the time to really consider what I wanted “the new MarkF” to become.  My father, Mark Fritschle, founded Condominium Realty in 1978, and about 20 years later, was born.  Together, he and I provided the most genuine, quality real estate services in Ocean City and the surrounding areas.

40 years after the founding of Condominium Realty, my business partner, Jon Barker, and I founded our real estate team, The Fritschle Barker Group.  We continue to provide top-notch services just as I did with my father for many years.  With thousands of clients and customers still trusting the MarkF website for their real estate searches and updates, it was time for more than just a facelift.

Together with the local web design & development experts at D3 Corp, we were able to bring my vision to life.  The searches are better, the updates are live, and you now have complete control over your entire experience at  But what’s even more… you have the support and connection to the area’s #1 real estate experts at The Fritschle Barker Group.

Welcome to the new  Enjoy your stay.

In loving memory of my father, my friend, my mentor, Mark Fritschle

-Grant K. Fritschle